Sunday, November 6, 2011

No NANOWRIMO for me this year

If my lack of posting is any indication, things are moving a little behind around here. I have a lot of things monopolizing my time like work and family. Okay, so I shouldn't begrudge the time family takes and I am thankful for my job, but I'm still having "balance" issues nonetheless.

I spent the month of October working on a new manuscript. One that just seemed to jump in front of me and annoy me, so I had to write it out to settle it down!  It is a new direction for me, not YA, and I am enjoying trying something new.

So this dry run in October answered an important question for me. Should I try NANOWRIMO 2011? After getting about 19,000 words written in October and not wanting to stop and try a new MS--the answer was no. There's still a lot of "new" with this MS and if I were to participate in Nano according to the rules, I would need to start a new book.

Just not the "write" time for me this year! I am feeling a little left out when I see all the twitter and facebook posts about Nanowrimo, but maybe next year! And even thought I'm not participating, I am still writing.

Good luck to all who are attempting this marathon! Let us know in December how it turns out!