Saturday, March 6, 2010

YA Lit is Cool

When I do tell people that I write Young Adult literature, I usually get a few questions/comments.

1. Why?
2. Like Stephenie Meyer?
3. I have an idea for a story, do you want to hear it?

So, the decision to write in the young adult genre was not necessarily a conscious decision on my part. It was just the voice that came out when I started putting some words on paper. And they were words on paper--I wrote the first 20,000 words of my book on several legal pads, and yes, I counted.

I get a little fired up when I read about other people being passionate about YA like Maggie Stiefvater did on her blog. She wrote the book Shiver, which I really like and highly recommend, and I am an even bigger fan after reading her defense of YA. I hope to be one of those randomly shelved, possible classics someday as well.

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