Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Wishes

My facebook wall in ON FIRE with birthday wishes which just reminds me that I am one year older and still "under-published." I have been writing for about two and a half years, which I know is a mere minute in the publishing world, but I would sure like to speed things up a bit. Each passing year moves me a little farther away from my teenage sensibilities and angst and moves me one year closer to having more to do. What if I run out of time to write? What if this dang book never comes together? What if I do get published and a bunch of teenagers keep wondering who the old lady is who is signing books? I know, I know, I'm getting ahead of myself, but it just a reflective day. So for my birthday, I wish for these things for my writing life:

I wish to always love writing.
I wish to always love young adult books.
I wish to find time to write AND be a good mom.
I wish to write something that gets noticed.
I wish to create characters who mean as much to me as the teens I am writing for.


  1. Happy birthday, Aimee. I'm an "old lady" who also teaches those full of angst ones. As long as a writer is honest in their writing, kids will follow along. My students read the books of authors who are older than I am and can't get enough of them. So, carry on. Time has NOT run out for you.

  2. Dawn, Thanks for stopping by and offering some support. I know that I still have time, but it is easy to get impatient!