Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Readin'

I always crash into summer with some reading. As soon as that last bell rings and I put that last box of papers away, I head to my little stash of books that I have been tucking away until I have "more time." Here are some of the reads I am looking forward to or have already enjoyed in my first few days of summer. Fun reading with cute boys--my favorite!

Love Story

Going Too Far

Water for Elephants

What Happened to Goodbye



  1. Hey--you're back! How was Colorado? Hope y'all had fun. I read What Happened to Goodbye over the weekend. It was so good. We still have Ainsley's birthday present--we'll try to catch up with y'all one day next week. Love you!

  2. Hey Keely! Colorado was fun, but we ended up coming home a day early because the area lost power. I'll talk to you soon and we can figure out a day to get together! I miss you already!!